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Closed cell expanded polyethylene foam is an amazing material. It surprises many people when they find out about the never-ending range of products that can be made from it. Its versatility, range of densities and colours, as well as anti-static, conductive and flame retardant options, make it a choice for use in the aerospace, automotive, defence and security markets. Many other markets enjoy the protection, security and enhancement it can offer its own products.

To make all of the amazing parts that you want, the material needs to be engineered. This is what Polyformes do very well. Our core business is working closed cell flexible polyethylene foam and providing solutions to our large client base. That focus enables us to concentrate on buying, making or adapting machinery that will shape the foam in the way you want it to be. This is where our many years of experience lies and it all takes place under our own very large roof!

We take on many technical challenges that others do not entertain. As foam innovators, technical foam engineers and foam designers, we can provide you foam solutions that satisfies your industry and market.

We, in fact, utilise and develop whatever machinery, parts or products are available in order to achieve what you require. We deliver your foam solutions in the most cost effective and efficient way.

If you have some ideas or would like to develop an existing product, make contact and between us lets see where it goes.

If we cannot do what you are looking to achieve we will tell you! We do not like wasting your time.

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