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Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cut foam of all sizes, thicknesses and shapes.

Unlike routing where the cutters leave a radius in corners, pure water-jet machines are programmed to cut the exact shape required of the finished component. This means right-angled corners, sharp hair-pin bends and curves prove no problem.

Another advantage is where narrow deep slots and slits are required - when routing a 3mm wide slot, it is necessary to use a 3mm cutter, however, these cutters can only be made so long before they become unstable and liable to shattering - and if a 100mm deep pocket is required, this becomes an issue - not a problem when water jetting.

Both machining processes can actually be combined to give the best of both worlds when it comes to providing foam solutions.

Nearly all market sectors utilise water jet cut foam parts, from the industrial and aeronautical, to the promotional.

Our 4 head and 2 headed CNC machines can cut up to 200mm thick foam depending on the grade and finished requirement. 2mm-100mm thick in mid-density foams will leave a smooth finish. 200mm thick materials may show some signs of jet splay near the lower half of the foams ­ ideal if the insert/shape is an internal item or an industrial holding piece. For promotional items where display and finish are important, thinner layers of self-adhesive bonded may be preferable.

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Waterjet Cutting

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