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Design, Promotional and Retail

Foam displays, corporate packs & product launches, creative packaging & presentation

When retailers and design agencies are trying to make a splash, Polyformes foams and foam engineering expertise comes to the fore. With a variety of bold colours available and the ability to produce large machined and shaped pieces, many leading brand manufacturers are benefitting from the combination of aesthetic appeal and product protection. Not only are we the UK's prime foam conversion unit but also the preferred supplier to the creative packaging industry.

Apart from having the complete range of Plastazote foam densities and colours to offer, our technical expertise and wide range of in house manufacturing techniques are unrivalled. We are geared up to produce any quantity. If the requirement is for small numbers, we machine in one way, and if the quantities are in the thousands or tens of thousands, we use our automated plant.

Foam inserts and shapes for promotional campaigns are processed to suit fancy gift boxes, acetate and acrylic sleeves, printed tins and also plastic cases which we supply in a range of sizes. These cases range from the tiny up to a standard carry case size of a briefcase.

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Design, Promotional and Retail

Luxury Packaging & Brand Support

In FMCG industries, many leading brand manufacturers are benefiting from the unique combination of aesthetic appeal and ultimate protection that Plastazote foams provide. These Azote foams are lightweight, flexible, tough and resilient, yet in the retail field they remain select, providing a mark of distinction for those special packaging projects, while providing impact protection that’s second to none. An ideal material, the colourful Plastazote foams are pure and odourless, essential assets for retail packaging, and their consistent cell size and lack of in-built stress makes them easy to fabricate. The wide range of densities, colours, cell sizes and firm flexible characteristics provides a host of options for progressive packaging designers.

Plastazote foams are pure and inert. They will not stain, contain no corrosive residues, are UV stable for long life protection. Different coloured foams can be easily laminated to produce packaging with even greater impact.

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