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CNC Routing and Machining

CNC routing by Polyformes - specialist foam machining

Polyformes routs more Polyethylene foam inserts than any other UK company, utilizing the highest number of machine heads. We are able to achieve high quality, high volume output of both two and three dimensional PE foam parts.

Variable bed size allows us to produce exceptionally large pieces for industrial and commercial customers including those in the aerospace, defence and promotional sectors.

As well as a series of two-head foam routers with piggyback heads, we also have a four head machine which can process four foam inserts at once.

We constantly invest in new technology and our most recent polyethylene foam router is a four European model. Each head has a seven-tool auto-changer allowing for greater machine speeds and also allowing for a number of specialist cutters to be employed on individual parts. Two of our CNC Routing machines also have reciprocating knife attachments, to cut out and shape parts after CNC machining.

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CNC Routing and Machining

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