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Polyformes Quality Policy

Our Vision

To be regarded as the UK’s leading Supplier, Manufacturer and Convertor of Polyethylene foam by our clients, industry peers and other stakeholders.

Our Mission

To consistently surpass the high standards of quality and service demanded by our customers, by providing unrivalled expertise for specialist, bespoke packaging solutions and for delivering products that meet expectation and specification on time, every time.

Our Policy

To achieve this, Polyformes has established and is committed to the continuous improvement of its quality management system. Our quality management system provides a framework for continuously measuring and improving our quality performance.

To that extent, Polyformes is committed to striving towards the following quality objectives:

  1. Absolutely no non-conforming parts will reach our Clients

  2. We will deliver on time and in full, 100% of the time

  3. We will continuously strive to deliver the highest levels of client satisfaction

All Polyformes staff are allocated with the authority to perform their allocated responsibilities and share the authority and responsibility of identifying non-compliances or possible improvements, such that the organisation’s commitment to achieving the quality objectives is engrained at every level. To this end, Polyformes is committed to satisfying all client, stakeholder, legal, statutory and regulatory requirements.

Top management will take ultimate accountability for the performance of the management system, and therefore will:

  1. Ensure the quality policy and quality objectives are established and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the Company

  2. Promote the use of a process approach and risk-based thinking.

  3. Ensure that the resources needed for the QMS are available; including training, support and encouragement.

  4. Communicate the importance of effective quality management and of conforming to the QMS requirements.

  5. Ensuring that the QMS achieves its intended results.

  6. Engage, direct and support persons to contribute to the effectiveness of the QMS.

  7. Promote improvement.

  8. Support other relevant management roles to demonstrate their leadership as it applies to their areas of responsibility.

  9. Establish partnerships with suppliers and interested parties to provide an improved service.

This policy will be reviewed annually by top management and where deemed necessary will be amended and re-issued. Previous versions of this policy are archived. This policy is available to relevant interested parties, upon reasonable request.

Ian Rumsey
Managing Director

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