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Die Cutting

Hard pressed to get both the consistent volume and quality.

A consistent, repeatable process when the product design is confirmed and high volume is needed.

We have 8 presses in house of varying sizes that can take different size die cut forms.

The thicker the material the more work the press and the tool has to do.

Concavity is an issue with this process and the degree of this is dependant of the density of material, thickness and the blade sharpness.

It is a very cost effective way to manufacture inserts for packaging when it is in an enclosure and material concavity is not a presentational issue. One press can achieve all required pockets of space in one go.

Some ways our clients have used it:

  • To create bespoke cut outs to hold small bottles in place to protect them in transit.
  • To press out specific shapes from a previously moulded part.
  • To press out a large number of components that make a kit of parts in one pressing.
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Die Cutting

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