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We use the right material to do what it is supposed to do – protect your contents. Utilising our wide range of manufacturing techniques, you can have foam parts that stand out and enhance the client experience.

Custom Foam Packaging

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Bespoke Foam Trays and Foam Inserts are an excellent method of show off what you do and make you stand out from the crowd.

Bespoke Foam Trays and Inserts

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No matter whether it is packaging your product, developing a new product or creating a new product part, everything we do is unique to you.

Unique Engineered Parts

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Everything we do is unique and is specific to your needs. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions so you do not have to compromise. We look at your needs and together we develop a solution that fits what you want.

Engineered Foam Gaskets and Seals

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We cover your need to protect the things of value to you. We offer a wide range of solutions that house most things for the environment they are being used in.

Cases, Bags and Boxes

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Our core business is the conversion and supply of closed cell polyethylene foams. There are several manufacturers of these foams and are manufactured in several ways.

Our Foam Partners

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