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Aerospace and Aircraft Aviation Foam

Aircraft seating, soft trim and general foam components

The low density closed-cell Plastazote flame retardant foams are ideal for use in aircraft seating and soft-trim areas. There is usually a significant weight reduction compared to heavier urethane foams or other composite moulded seating. Comfort and durability is also increased as the support and cushioning is better than almost any other material for this application. Polyformes have the skill and experience to fabricate the Plastazote foams in an optimum manner - thermoforming, routing, water-jet cutting and profiling. This capability ensures that ergonomic and economic design is achievable. Special flame retarded grades meet the requirements of FAR/CS 25.853(a) App F Pt.1 and is available in 15, 24 and 45kg/m3 densities.

Aircraft Armrests, Small Aircraft HD PE Seat Support, Mould aircraft crew seat foam

Polyformes expanded polyethylene foam materials are utilised in so many areas within the aircraft industry. Because they are available in such a wide range of densities and grades, they have manifold applications. Examples include machined packing pieces in LD45 FR Plastazote Charcoal, compression moulded rotor blade spacers in HD115 White Plastazote and routed spacer rings in HD110 Black Plastazote. (The numbers in the nomenclature relate to the material density i.e HD115 is high density polymer 115kg/m3 density foam).

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Aerospace and Aircraft

Aircraft assembly foam utilisation, tool control, FOD reduction, mechanics mats

Polyformes foam tray tool control solutions are employed not only by fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft during factory floor assembly, but by the component industries who serve the airspace sector too e.g. aero engine assembly and ejector seat production. Polyformes provides countless tool trays in dual colour foam for this purpose. As well as providing and machining the foam inserts specific to the program or tool requirement, the factory tote tray containers can also be supplied. The foam trays are made from an Azote material - Plastazote LD45 or MP45 for the toughest and most repeatedly used tool trays. The MP45 is resilient, chemical and oil resistant, uv resistant and waterproof, closed-cell pe foam material. There is no higher class of foam for tool control.

When production staff are working on the shop floor, there are times when they are in awkward positions in order to assemble certain parts or systems. Sometimes they are lying beneath a section of aircraft or kneeling in between areas. Polyformes manufactures full size mechanics mats at both single and double width in the same closed cell expanded polyethylene foam. These are durable and highly comfortable. Smaller foam kneelers are invaluable for comfort and protection when kneeling down for any period of time.

With regard to aircraft sections that need to be avoided owing to sensitive cabling or hydraulics, NO STEP port and starboard work mats are produced to suit specific areas. These are a composite high strength ribbed rubber top surface with a pe foam under-section giving safety to personnel and protection to material surfaces.

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