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Defence and Military Packaging

Equipment & weapons cases, foam materials for military applications

NATO Stock Numbered waterproof cases, supplied by Polyformes to UK Defence companies, house all forms of military equipment including rifles, medical kits, radios, communication apparatus and night-vision imagers. These cases meet DEF-STAN 81-41 Level J and STANAG 4280. Cases can be supplied with bespoke protective Plastazote foam inserts, also to DEF-STAN (81-116) for the ultimate in protection. We also make lightweight aluminium cases to order for rapid deployment in NATO green or desert sand colours, empty or with customised foam inserts.

Polyformes closed cell foam is used in a myriad of applications within the defence industry - protective covers, missile cradles and aircraft components, seals and gaskets, filler packs, flotation blocks, tool control inserts, army helmet trauma liners, RIBS stabilisers, pouch and rucksack inserts, sleeping mats, ammunition containers fittings etc.

The Plastazote foam that we generally use for military components and protective cushioning inserts is advanced packaging material that is stable, non-corrosive and offers long term stability where stocked items can be stored for long periods. Plastazote is oil and fuel resistant. Special explosive compatible grades can be supplied.

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Defence and Military Packaging

Defence packaging and components

Where equipment needs security clearance or is still a work in progress, it is no problem for us to arrange a team to visit your site to design and package equipment. With a skilled and experienced workforce, they can deal with almost any packaging situation.

The Polyformes Group has been working with NATO armed forces and the UK MoD for over 30 years in which time our manufacturing capabilities have not just kept in line with defence packaging and component requirements, but generally exceeded them. With a full processing facility which includes routing, water-jet cutting, lasering, profiling and thermoforming, the most demanding of foam packaging pieces or components can be achieved.

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