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We use the right material to do what it is supposed to do – protect your contents. Utilising our wide range of manufacturing techniques, you can have foam parts that stand out and enhance the client experience. Whether it is simple machined parts, multi layered coloured foams, design moulded items, 4 colour laminated printing or laser engraved identification, there is always something we can do that makes what you are doing look even better. Remember how it arrives says so much about you and your business.

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Foam Packaging Solutions

For more than four decades, at Polyformes Ltd, we have been manufacturing custom foam packaging solutions for businesses throughout a number of industries of all sizes. Our foam packaging consists of bespoke foam inserts, foam trays, foam mouldings, foam printing and laser marked/embossed to protect your contents in whatever industry you are in.

Bespoke Foam Inserts

Bespoke foam inserts can be custom made to meet the needs of your business or clients. Whether you're looking to ensure your items arrive intact or you want to display them in an eye-catching way, our bespoke foam inserts can be utilised with a number of different packaging options and are available in various colours.

Laser Marked/Embossed Foam

Laser marking and embossing is a technique which can give your foam material a unique and premium feel. Whether you wanted to display a company logo, create identification markings or something else, we have the solution for you.

Foam Printing

Foam printing is an eye-catching way of bringing your surfaces alive. Using our own unique 4 colour painting techniques, we can take your artwork and bring your product to life. If you would like more information on our foam printing, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team today and we will be more than happy to advise you.