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Foam Trays and Inserts

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Bespoke Foam Trays and Foam Inserts are an excellent method of show off what you do and make you stand out from the crowd. You can have the protection the products/parts deserve and it can go along with ‘looking good’. Things do not have to look drab. Colour combinations, printing and lasering can be used to add to the presentation of the product. In combination with any of the cases, trays or boxes we can provide you, it can increase the perception of what you offer.

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Bespoke Foam Trays and Inserts

Whether you're looking for customised foam trays, case foam inserts, presentation solutions or component & tool trays, at Polyformes Ltd, we have more than four decades of experience working with a number of different foam materials to meet the requirements of our clients across the UK & Europe. Our foam trays and inserts can be designed with your business in mind including several colour combinations. Depending on your specific requirements, we can also offer printing and lasering to further enhance your product.

Customised Foam Trays

Customised foam trays are widely used throughout a number of different industries. Machined parts can be placed into its carefully placed space in the foam in order to ensure that items are not lost or damaged. If you would like us to create a foam tray for one of your own boxes, we can cut them to the size you require.

Case Foam Inserts

In addition to customised foam trays, our case foam inserts can protect your valuable products. Whether you're a salesman, engineer or something else, our purposely designed case can give you a peace of mind.

Component & Tool Trays

Over the years, we have been working with a number of different manufacturing and engineering companies to improve quality control and manufacturing techniques using our foam component and tool trays.

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