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Component and Tool Control Trays

Many manufacturing and engineering firms have embraced the use of foam components and tool trays to enhance their quality control and manufacturing processes. These trays, pre-loaded with essential components required for specific tasks, guarantee the availability and correctness of parts, even before they reach the shop floor.

Counting the tools at the end of a job or shift becomes a straightforward task, as it allows for easy identification of any missing tools from the tray. Additionally, the foam inserts in these trays are simple to clean, making maintenance hassle-free, while ensuring they maintain their pristine appearance.

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Component and Tool Control Trays
Tool Control Tray
Tool Control Tray
Tool Control Tray

Why Foam Component and Tool Control Trays are Essential to Your Business

When precision engineering and manufacturing, control over your tools, parts and processes is critical; and, one way to achieve this level of control is with the use of a Polyformes foam component and tool control tray.

Whether your business is in the aviation industry, the automotive industry, or any other industry where precision matters, these high-quality foam tool trays are essential for ensuring efficiency, accuracy, and safety, in many operations.

  • Better Tool Control and Compliance in Aviation

    In industries like aviation, where safety and precision are non-negotiable, tool control is a priority. That’s why, Polyformes' robust and precision-made foam trays, help ensure every tool has its place, and the risk of FOD (Foreign Object Debris) is minimised. Tool control at this level also helps increase overall efficiency, as each engineer or technician will always be able to retrieve the right tool at the right time, which in turn helps reduce downtime and increase productivity.

    Regulatory compliance in the aviation industry is always of critical importance, and it’s not just about best practice – it’s a legal requirement with strict regulations. Use of our component and tool control trays can help your company avoid costly fines and delays in production, by providing a visual and tactile method of ensuring tool and component control and reducing the instances of FOD.

  • Better Parts Control

    The accuracy of your final product often hinges on the quality and organisation of your parts/components. Polyformes precision-formed foam trays allow for precise parts control by providing a secure and organised storage system. With each component safely housed in a designated compartment, the risk of assembly errors is significantly reduced, which then enhances product quality and consistency.

  • Enhanced Safety

    Safety is essential in any workplace, and a cluttered or disorganised workspace can lead to accidents and injuries. With Polyformes foam trays however, employees can maintain a tidy, safe, and organised environment. In aviation or the automotive industry particularly, the risks can be exceptionally high, therefore, maintaining a safe workspace through tool and component control is essential, and will reduce incidents of slips, trips and falls.

  • Time Savings and Efficiency

    As the saying goes, time is money, and wasted time is wasted revenue. But, by integrating foam component and tool control trays in your business process, you reduce the time engineers may spend searching for tools or parts, and the overall time spent on projects. In many industries, quick turnarounds are critical, so these time-savings made when using our foam trays may translate into potential financial savings as well.

  • Customisation

    Polyformes component and tool control trays are highly customisable, allowing you to design layouts that suit your way of working, and the specific needs of your team of engineers or technicians. Whether it’s organising precision instruments, specialised tools, or critical components, foam trays from Polyformes can be expertly formed or moulded to your unique requirements, whichever industry you’re in.

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