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Everything we do is unique and is specific to your needs. There are no ‘off the shelf’ solutions so you do not have to compromise. We look at your needs and together we develop a solution that fits what you want. Our access to a wide range of different foams from a number of the leading producers in the marketplace puts us and you in place to solve most technical issues that arise.

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Foam Gaskets and Seals Manufacturer

As the biggest polyethylene foam converter in Europe, at Polyformes Ltd, we have more than 40 years of experience working with a huge range of foam materials. The use of closed cell foam materials is especially common in the construction and building industry due to it's sealing, condensation control, expansion fillers, thermal insulation and acoustic deadening capabilities.

Foam Gaskets

Our foam gaskets are used across a number of industries including automotive, rail and building due to their malleable properties. At Polyformes Ltd, we look at your needs and work with you throughout to develop an ideal solution.

Foam Seals

We utilise closed-cell foam materials to manufacture foam seals for a number of industries most notably building and construction. Our foam seals are custom made to suit your specific application including shape, colour and material itself. Foam seals are durable and consistent over long periods of time making them a suitable choice over alternative materials.

Foam Spacers

Foam is an excellent material for using as washers, rings and spacers due to its durability, deadening and insulation. As opposed to rubber spacers, foam spacers are used for a wide variety of applications such as acoustic, electric or thermal insulation, protection against humidity and even flame protection.

Foam Bungs and Plugs

At Polyformes Ltd, we work with a number of industries including medical and pharmaceutical as well as marine to create bespoke foam bungs and plugs. Due to their water-resistant properties, our closed-cell foam materials such as ARPLANK, Plastazote and Evazote are commonly used to develop a solution.