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Foam Seals & Gaskets

The use of closed cell foam materials, especially in the construction and building industry, is wide and varied, due to the qualities and nature the material has. Great for sealing, condensation control, expansion fillers, thermal insulation and acoustic deadening. You have the need and we can supply the correct material for your job and at the size you need.

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Foam Seals

What Are Foam Seals?

Foam seals are foam components designed to create a barrier to liquids, gases, dust and sound. Used across a variety of industries, including construction, mechanical engineering, the electrical industry and many more, foam seals have the advantage over seals made from other materials, due to the key benefits of foam, including:

  • Chemical resistance: Because of their closed cell structure, foam materials such as ZOTEC® or Plastazote, offer excellent chemical resistance, and are widely used in the manufacture of foam seals, particularly for the construction and automotive industry.

  • Anti-vibration properties: When used in machinery, foam seals are required to remain functional even under extreme vibration. Foam materials including ZOTEC N, commonly used to manufacture seals in the aviation and aerospace industry, provide stability, whilst also allowing for compression without degradation, an ability conducive to prolonged vibration control.

  • Water resistance: One of the key applications of many types of seals used in industry, is to create a barrier to water and other non-toxic and toxic liquids. Most closed cell foams used to make foam seals have excellent hydrophobic properties, which in other words means they repel water rather than absorb it, an essential quality when used in the manufacture of various submersibles or other watercraft.

  • Forming ability: Whether you’re looking for a foam seal to create a barrier against liquids, gases, dust or sound, it’s vital the seal is manufactured to fit the adjoining component within a close tolerance. Foam is one of the few seal-making materials that can be formed or cut using various advanced methods, to extremely close tolerances, even when used for more intricate fittings.

Foam Seal Uses & Applications

Foam seals have a wide variety of uses and applications in many industries, and across most sectors, including plumbing, electrical engineering, construction, aviation and aerospace, marine and floatation, medical and healthcare, the leisure industry, and many more.

The application of foam seals is of course dependent on what you need to achieve. Below are just some of the applications where foam surpasses most other materials used to manufacture seals. Applications include:

  • Cushioning: Foam, particularly closed-cell polyethylene foam, has an exceptional ability to absorb impact multiple times without losing its shape. This cushioning property makes foam the perfect material for seals where components separate and reconnect frequently or infrequently.

  • Insulation: Due to many types of foam, particularly closed-cell polyethylene foam, having an outstanding ability to absorb heat and cold, foam seals are regularly used as a method of insulation, especially in the construction and electrical engineering sector.

  • Soundproofing: Thanks to its unique cell structure that acts to absorb and dissipate sound waves, foam is the perfect material for creating seals used as a soundproofing solution in a variety of situations, including in the manufacture of cars and other vehicles.

Custom Foam Seals

As a leading foam supplier, manufacturer and converter, here at Polyformes we have all the technology and resources required to design and manufacture any type of custom foam seal/s you require, using a range of advanced forming and shaping techniques, and high-quality foam materials.

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To order your foam seals, or to speak to us about a custom design, don’t hesitate in contacting us, either via the website contact form, by email, or by phone, to speak directly to one of our foam production specialists.

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