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Zotek N

About Zotek N High temperature foams

It is a closed-cell crosslinked polyamide (nylon) foam for use in higher temperatures environments (200°C+) and is available in a range of densities. Compared to other foams ZOTEK® N has a significantly higher upper operating temperature limit. Thermal shrinkage at 205 deg °C can be less than 5% after 24 hours. This allows ZOTEK® N to be used in systems requiring high temperature processing such as composite cores or in-line paint systems.

ZOTEK® N is excellent thermal insulator and will act as heat shield - which can be further enhanced by the addition of an aluminium layer. ZOTEK® N is fully compliant with R.O.H.S & REACH requirements. It is lightweight (from 30kg/m density) and thus ZOTEK® N materials offer many weight saving and energy saving advantages.

Based on polyamide (nylon), ZOTEK® N has excellent general chemical resistance and is exceptionally resistant to hydrocarbons including fuels, oils, brake and power steering fluids, and antifreeze. Being a closed cell material, acoustic insulation is very good, with good noise, isolation and damping characteristics. It can be used in combination with other materials to optimise acoustic performance.

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Applications Benefits
Thermal Insulation Temperature resistant
Heat Shields Light weight
Composite Cores Chemical resistant
Tubes and Ducts Thermoformable
Seals Machinable
Gap Fillers Energy absorbing
Acoustic Insulation UV resistant
NVH Energy Absorbers Consistent density
Hot Packaging Firm or flexible

Impact and energy absorption is also high and ZOTEK® N has good kinetic mechanical energy absorption properties. There is little rebound when compared to other common foam.ZOTEK® NB50 electrical conductivity - a typical surface resistance of 1 x 1012 ohms which classifies the material as insulative according to the ESD Association.

Being based on a polyamide material, ZOTEK® N has naturally good UV resistance characteristics. After 1000 hour exposure there is minimal effect on tensile strength and elongation at break.

With regard to flammability ZOTEK® N meets typical horizontal burn requirements of FMVSS302 above 4mm thickness.

If you have a particular requirement for high temperature foams and would like to discuss your application, please call us - our Technical Department would be pleased to assist.

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