Medical, Healthcare and Mobility

Medical foams for support & protection - orthotics, prosthetics, podiatrics, wheelchair pads, hip protector pads, hygienic seating

Polyformes supplies hospitals and medical companies throughout the UK with Plastazote and Evazote foams. Plastazote is the most cited thermoplastic foam material in medical history, and for very good reason - it is pure & inert, lightweight & durable, chemical & water resistant, non-toxic & safe, MRI, CT & X-ray lucent.

Plastazote is the natural choice for soft-touch use where materials are used in direct skin contact such as splints, collars and braces. Available in high density grades, lightweight but with a high degree of rigidity, the Plastazote foam is ideal and allows for a variety of splint applications.

Where a more resilient and elastic foam is required, Evazote is usually the medical and healthcare foam material of choice.

Plastazote LD foam grades can be moulded to patients' body shapes quite easily enabling simple and effective orthoses to be made.

Foam aids and foam use in mobility and healthcare products abound where Plastazote and Evazote materials are concerned. The number of applications and uses are unlimited. Products such as arch supports designed specifically for comfort, support, and weight redistribution in footwear offer unmatched comfort and shock absorption. Hip protector pads within undergarments or top garments take accidental fall impacts and disperses the energy away from the hip area. Wheelchairs and scooters utilise resilient Evazote in numerous areas for padding, support and comfort including knee, arm and headrests. Soft touch sanitary seating covers can be moulded to exact shape for warmth and comfort. Polyformes supplies these materials as bespoke finished items or as sheets and blocks where required.

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Medical, Healthcare and Mobility

Aquahealth, aerobics therapy, aquajoggers, hydrotherapy

It is well known to physicians and physiotherapists that water therapies are massively helpful in a multitude of cases. Aquaproducts (AquaJoggers, AquaDumbells and AquaRunners) produced by Polyformes have proved useful in treating the following medical conditions amongst others; lower back injuries, spinal cord injuries, fibromyalgia, pelvic injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis. Advantages derived from aquatherapy are immediate in that when a person enters the water, there is an instant reduction in the effects of gravity on the body. Chest deep the weight bearing load is approximately only 40% of the total bodyweight. When floating supine or vertical, the effects of gravity are eliminated for all practical purposes. We also manufacture all forms of bespoke flotation aids, stretchers and support floats.

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