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Medical, Healthcare and Mobility

At Polyformes, we supply, manufacture, and convert high-quality medical foams for support and protection. These medical foams have been thoroughly assessed as suitable for a range of medical, healthcare and mobility applications, in accordance with ISO standard 10993.

What is an ISO standard for foam material?

The ISO standard 10993 for foam materials is a standard agreed upon by 167 national standard bodies of industry experts, to ensure the foam material manufactured and supplied for medical uses, meets specific criteria that make it safe and effective.

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Medical, Healthcare and Mobility
Medical Visor

Medical Foam Benefits

Plastazote and Evazote – paving the way in medical, healthcare and mobility applications

The two main foam materials Polyformes supplies and converts for medical applications are Evazote, and the ‘most cited’ thermoplastic foam material in medical history, Plastazote, now used in hospitals, and other medical facilities throughout the whole of the UK.

There are numerous reasons these two outstanding closed-cell foam materials are used specifically for medical, healthcare and mobility applications, but the key reasons are due to the foam materials’ properties, which include:

  • Purity and Chemical Inertia: This simply means that Plastazote and Evazote (AZOTE®) foams are non-toxic and safe, and don’t react to chemicals commonly used for medical applications.
  • Lightweight and Durability: These two benefits of the foam materials combined, allow medical practitioners a much wider variety of applications, particularly for padding and support, where mobility over long periods is still essential.
  • Chemical and Water-resistance: When used for medical seating, headrests, wheelchair padding and support etc., water and chemical resistance is essential, both for the comfort of the patient and for the reusability of the foam product or products in question.
  • MRI, CT & X-Ray Lucence: This means these two (AZOTE®) foams are virtually transparent to radiation, making them almost invisible in X-Ray photographs, and MRI or CT scans.
  • Mouldability: Both Plastazote and Evazote are simple for us to mould and form using specialised equipment, into the complex shapes often required for medical applications, and to attain the right level of comfort for patients being treated for specific medical conditions.
Medical, Healthcare and Mobility Uses

Medical Foam Uses

Using Plastazote and Evazote for Medical, Healthcare and Mobility Equipment

Due to their exceptional benefits, including chemical inertia, chemical and water resistance, durability, elasticity, mouldability, and their suitability for X-Ray photographs, and MRI scans etc., Plastazote and Evazote foam is used for a vast array of medical, healthcare and mobility equipment, including:

  • Splints, Collars and Braces
    • When manufactured from Plastazote or Evazote foam material, splints, collars and braces allow for increased movement, and a more hygienic experience for the individual patient, especially when the splint, collar or brace is in contact with the skin for prolonged periods.

  • Hip Protector Pads
    • When used to manufacture hip protector pads contained within undergarments or top garments, Plastazote and Evazote effectively disperse energy away from the hip, should the patient suffer a fall or accidental knock.

  • Prosthetics
    • Because of Plastazote’s and Evazote’s formability, lightweight and non-irritability properties, both foam materials are ideal for use in the manufacture of upper and lower limb prosthetics.

  • Padding for Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters
    • Because of Plastazote and Evazote’s excellent forming and moulding abilities, added to their impact resistance, elasticity, and water resistance, they’re an ideal bespoke foam solution for the manufacture of padding for wheelchairs and mobility scooters.

  • Medical Footwear
    • Because Plastazote and Evazote provide unmatched comfort and shock-absorption, plus water resistance and phenomenal mouldability, they’re a number one choice for the manufacture of medical footwear, especially where arch support and weight redistribution are required, due to conditions such as Planter Fasciitis, Pes Cavus, Pes Planus, and Bunions.

  • Soft-Touch Sanitary Seating
    • For medical procedures and examinations etc. where comfortable and hygienic seating is required, Plastazote and Evazote provide the perfect, soft-touch solution, as both foam materials can be easily formed and moulded to suit specific body shapes and contours.

  • Medical Packaging
    • As many items used in medical procedures are often fragile, it’s imperative the packaging material offers suitable protection. Both Plastazote and Evazote are used in a variety of packaging solutions, due to their properties which include impact resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance and formability.

A Leading Manufacturer Of Foam Products For Water Therapies

As well as a range of medical foam products for use in hospitals and clinics, Polyformes also manufactures and supplies a wide range of foam products specific to water therapies, such as Aqua-Aerobics and Hydrotherapy treatments.

Recommended by Physicians and Physiotherapists

Various foam water therapy products produced by Polyformes, including Aqua-Joggers, Aqua-Dumbbells, and Aqua-Runners, are recommended by registered physicians and physiotherapists to be massively helpful in the healing of, or in managing numerous medical conditions, including:

  • Lower back injuries
  • Osteoporosis
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Pelvic Injuries
Water Theraphy Foam Products

How Foam Helps In Water Therapy Treatment

Water therapies, whether an energetic form, such as aqua-aerobics, or a gentler form such as aquatic-therapy or hydrotherapy using a variety of foam floatation aids manufactured at Polyformes, have been proven to help patients in numerous ways, including:

  • Allowing muscles to relax: With the support provided by the foam floatation device, a patient’s muscles can relax in the water, therefore easing joint pain, even when exercising.
  • Allowing weight to be supported: With the help of a suitable foam floatation device, a patient’s weight can be fully supported, allowing for a momentary easing of pain, or difficulty in performing basic movements.
  • Providing muscle resistance: Whether for medical purposes, such as rebuilding muscle strength, or for general fitness and toning, the muscle resistance provided by water allows for the perfect low-impact workout, particularly when combining the exercise with the use of foam aqua-joggers, aqua-runners, or aqua-dumbbells.

Two Ways To Buy Your Medical, Healthcare & Mobility Foam Materials

At Polyformes, we give you two options when you buy your medical, healthcare and mobility foams, whether you’re buying in bulk, or in smaller quantities. The two options include:

  1. Buying bespoke finished items: When you buy bespoke, we’ll design and manufacture your individual and finished medical foam products, bespoke floatation aids, stretchers and support floats etc. and deliver them (at an extra cost) to your desired location.

  2. Foam sheets or blocks: With this method we’ll supply you with medical foam sheets, or a block of Plastazote or Evazote, to form into your specific medical, healthcare, or mobility product. As with our bespoke option, at an extra cost, we’ll also deliver your medical foam to your desired location.

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