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Closed Cell Foam Supplier

Polyformes is a leading closed cell foam supplier and closed cell foam manufacturer, providing closed cell foam products to a whole range of industries and sectors, including construction, aerospace and aircraft, cosmetics and beauty, and the electronics industry.

With over 40 years’ experience in the foam industry, we have the unique skills required to manufacture and form your closed cell foam products, to your exact specifications, including size, colour and graphic designs.

What is Closed Cell Foam?

Closed Cell Foam is a foam consisting of unconnected cells pressed tightly together. This structure allows for exceptional versatility due to its cushioning and shock absorbing properties, its ability to quickly return to its original shape, and the ease in which it can be formed.

What is Closed Cell Foam Used For?

As mentioned, closed cell foam is one of the most versatile foams available, with uses including:

  • Packaging
  • Cosmetics sponges
  • Promotional and Design items
  • Audio and Visual equipment
  • Gaskets

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Closed Cell Foams
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Types of Closed Cell Foam Available at Polyformes

At Polyformes, we manufacture various closed cell foams to suit your unique requirements. Our range includes:

Plastazote – As one of the most commonly used closed cell foams, Plastazote boasts a number of outstanding properties, including:

Durability and Flexibility – Plastazote’s durability and flexibility is thanks to its nitrogen-filled, closed cell construction, which allows it to hold its shape under extreme pressure, whilst also providing exceptional cushioning and shock absorbency.

Formability – Another benefit to Plastazote and other closed cell foams, is its formability or mouldability, making it ideal for more intricate foam packaging and foam inserts, as well as other products, such as masks, hats and cosmetics applicators.

Water resistance – Water resistance is a key property to many foam products for many different industries. By using Plastazote, you not only get the water resistance element, you’re also benefitting from its various other properties including its shock absorbency and cushioning properties.

Evazote – As with other closed cell foams, Evazote is equipped with a range of remarkable properties suited to various industries. Properties include:

Impact resilience – Due to its cross-linked, closed cell structure and it’s unique chain repeating molecular units, Evazote has exceptional impact resilience, making it ideal for a range of items, such as knee and shin pads, footwear and electromagnetic shielding.

Chemical resistance – With the availability of two different grades and four densities (30,35,45 and 50kg/m3 ), Evazote provides excellent resistance to acids, alkalis, oils and solvents, making it perfect for electrical, plumbing and gas industries.

Stratocell – As another widely-used polyethylene based, closed cell foam, Stratocell also has various beneficial properties, including:

Cost-effectiveness – Stratocell can be reused a number of times without degradation, helping businesses to keep to budgets and meet environmental obligations.

Light weight – Stratocell’s light weight characteristic makes it the ideal foam packaging material for businesses needing to save money on transportation costs.

Ethafoam – Sometimes called Jiffy, this expanded polyethylene foam has a number of key benefits, including:

Reusability – Like other closed-cell foams, Ethafoam has the ability to be used multiple times without degradation, making it ideal for packaging and shipping purposes.

Shock absorbency – Ethafoam’s ability to resist constant shocks and return to its original form make it ideal for shipping electronics components and various other shock-sensitive products.

For more information on any of our closed-cell foam materials, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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