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Stratocell is a low cost, closed cell polyethylene foam, ideal for packaging applications requiring interior cushioning protection. It is a perfect cost-effective alternative to heavier polyurethanes, one drop only polystyrene or non-cushioning corrugated fitments. Because of its strength to weight ratio, superior protection using less material is easily achieved ­ and thus the added benefits of lower transport, fuel and storage costs! Stratocells resilient cushioning properties enable it to achieve multi drop accomplishments without losing performance.

The material is clean, lightweight, non-abrasive, water resistant and insulative. It is also available in a pink anti-static grade.

As all Stratocell products can be re-used multiple times before experiencing any degradation in their protective qualities, and because the material can be recycled, waste packaging is becoming a thing of the past as far as Sealed Air’s Stratocell is concerned.

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- Exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio

- Delivers superior performance using less material

- Available in anti-static and recycled-grade offerings, containing a minimum of 50% recycled resin content


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