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Foam Gaskets

We manufacture gaskets for a number of different industries and applications. We work with you to develop the required design and define the correct material for the job it is supposed to do. Having access to a wide range of materials, together, we find the materials that suits the needs.

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Foam Gaskets

What are foam gaskets?

A foam gasket is a component used between joining parts to create a seal, which acts as an impenetrable barrier to liquids, gases, dirt, debris, sound, and a range of hot or cold temperatures.

The types of foam used to manufacture foam gaskets vary depending on the intended use of the gasket; for example, the type of liquid, gas, or dust it’s required to create a barrier to, and how intricate its design is.

Gasket Foam Materials at Polyformes

At Polyformes we manufacture a wide range of different foam types, each with specific properties suited to various types of gaskets, and used across numerous industries, such as automotive, electrical engineering, plumbing, aviation and aerospace.

The types of foam manufactured at Polyformes for foam gaskets include:

  • Plastazote: Plastazote is commonly used in the manufacture of foam gaskets, due to its superb chemical resistance. This property makes it ideal for gaskets used in the automotive or construction industries, where resistance to oils, solvents, acids and alkalis are a necessity.

  • Evazote: Evazote is a closed-cell, cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam, and more durable than Plastazote, which makes it an ideal foam material to manufacture gaskets for the construction industry, where hardwearing and long-lasting gaskets are often required. Evazote also provides excellent chemical and water resistance, meaning gaskets formed from the material, provide gasketing solutions across many different industries.

Foam Gaskets Uses and Applications

Foam gaskets have a wide range of uses and applications, and because of their many properties, including durability, exceptional cushioning, impact resistance, water and chemical resistance etc., foam generally lasts longer and performs better than many other gasket materials.

Common uses and applications for foam gaskets include:

  • Chemical processing

    The chemical processing industry, especially companies that produce toxic or acidic chemicals, are prolific users of foam gaskets commonly used in systems with pipes, pumps, and ducts etc., that require an effective seal to carry the chemicals through each stage of production.

  • Energy production

    Whether in the production of reusable energy, or petroleum or gas, the energy industry is another sector reliant on the high performance of foam gaskets, largely due to foams' chemical resistance, impact resistance, heat resistance, and anti-vibration properties, particularly in machines that require constant rotation.

  • Car manufacturing

    The car, and the automotive industry in general, is hugely dependent on foam gaskets for a variety of applications, including allowing the safe and effective movement of fluids and gases around engines and other systems and preventing the contamination of components from air, water, oil, dust and other debris.

Custom Foam Gaskets

If you’re looking for custom foam gaskets for your business, look no further than Polyformes, one of the UK's leading foam gasket manufacturers. With over 40 years of experience, we’ll use a range of advanced forming and cutting techniques, to ensure your custom foam gaskets are of the highest quality and provide optimal performance in their intended use.

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