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Building & construction industry - bridges, tunnels, car parks, stadia. Expansion joints, insulation pads, crane sand replacement materials

Polyformes stock and supply Evazote closed-cell cross-linked EVA foam in sheet, strip and shaped formes to suit all areas of the construction industry. It is used extensively as an expansion jointing material being used in bridge decks, stadia and other large concrete structures. It is a fantastic gap filler, water barrier and movement control material. With an elastic working range of 50% compression and 25% tension, it is the ideal material and is oil and fuel resistant.

EF400 Ethafoam closed cell PE foam has been used under crane load spreader plates to reduce/remove the uneven surface. Often this is in place of previously used sand. As the Ethafoam is lightweight, clean and easily transported as planks, it proves much more economical time-wise and in financial terms. It is non-absorbent, doesn’t splinter or fragment and is impact resistant. Owing to the memory of the foam, it has a natural desire to return to its original shape.

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Sports floors, conservatory end bungs, eaves fillers, seals and gaskets, frost blankets, bearing strips, sound deadening sheets and pads.

Evazote is used the world over as one of the ideal supports for sports flooring. It gives the floor the degree of elasticity that provides excellent shock (and sound) absorption and reduces jarring and impact. Flooring systems to BS EN 14904 (and previously BS7044 and DIN 18032) are often designed in all four of the categories - point elastic, mixed elastic, area elastic and combined elastic - to include this resilient material.

LD15 and LD24 Plastazote have been used for end bungs in conservatories and other lightweight constructions. Plastazote eaves fillers are lightweight, long lasting and durable. They eliminate draughts and keep out wildlife, sealing both the eaves and the ridge flashing. LD24 FR and LD45 FR have been tested to DIN 4102 (B1/B2) - the flammability tests necessary to achieve classification for applications in building construction.

Many of the Azote foams are used in building and construction applications and are ideal for their consistent mechanical performance, durability and insulation properties.

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