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Bespoke Flight Case Making

We make them unique to you.

We manufacture bespoke flight cases and road trunks at our factory -­ any quantity, any size, with a choice of catches and finishes. Our standard cases are made from traditional ply with either a stucco or coloured laminate finish, or from lighter weight black, red, green or blue Astraboard. This is a 7mm polypropylene sandwich construction that can weigh up to 40% less than the equivalent thickness laminated plywood and is strong yet lightweight.

We also produce cases with a hexagon pattern board or diamond pattern board finish if required. Should you have a special requirement for an alternative material flight case, or a different finish such as carpet, we can make these for you too.

Requirements for flight cases vary widely ­ Are you using the product occasionally, in which case, are storage and stacking facilities necessary? Or do you travel the world regularly and need airport retractable handles and small semi-enclosed wheels rather than castors? Where will the case be used and are there any environmental or climatic considerations that need to be allowed for?

We service all industries including medical product manufacturers, hospitals, water and utility companies, environmental sectors, the electronics market, the MoD, industrial firms, and, of course, the lighting, music and broadcast industries.

With current demand for individuality, publicity and ever demanding USP’s, Polyformes will manufacture and print flight cases bespoke to your own designs. Whether you want images, logos, instructions or plain text, we will print on all case faces in gloss or matt finish -­ anything you like, any colour, and in very large scale should you require large flight cases. Strength and quality are not compromised in any way and the printed surfaces are tough and long lasting.

Once you have the case worked out, we will work with you to get the equipment inside protected using the right material for the job!

We can offer you a foam that would give your product the protection that you want and ticks the environmental box. ARPLANK is 100% recyclable and is made from at least 25% recycled material. It is isotropic in nature and does not scratch or mark the surfaces it comes into contact with. A large number of our clients are now looking at the environmental options without compromising the packaging integrity.

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Bespoke Flight Case Making

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