Our own unique patented 4 colour printing

Printing on to foam is not an easy thing to do and that is why many manufacturers do not offer it.

We have developed and patented our technique the brings alive and enhances any product or packaging with colour. The quality of print is exceptional and extremely hard wearing.

We print and sublimate on to surfaces up to 1200mm wide.

Our own in-house design team ensure the programs are set to give the client the look they want!

Some ways our clients have used it:

  • to promote their brand with the “right” colours on the surface of their designed products
  • for tool and product identification in cases, boxes, drawers, enclosures
  • on bespoke flight cases that enhances the products identity
  • on bespoke exercise mats
  • for Mouse mats

We can take your artwork and bring your product, your packaging and your brand alive. Its uses are wide and varied.

It is only limited by the imagination.

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