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Our own unique patented 4 colour printing

Printing on to foam is not an easy thing to do and that is why many manufacturers do not offer it.

We have developed and patented our technique that brings alive and enhances any product or packaging with colour. The quality of print is exceptional and extremely hard wearing.

We print and sublimate on to surfaces up to 1200mm wide.

Our own in-house design team ensure the programs are set to give the client the look they want!

Some ways our clients have used printing on foam:

  • to promote their brand with the “right” colours on the surface of their designed products
  • for tool and product identification in cases, boxes, drawers, enclosures
  • on bespoke flight cases that enhances the product's identity
  • on bespoke exercise mats
  • for mouse mats

We can take your artwork and bring your product, your packaging and your brand alive. Its uses are wide and varied.

It is only limited by the imagination.

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Foam Printing

The Advantages Of Foam Printing

Foam printing offers a whole range of stunning and powerful advantages, for both marketing and practical purposes. So take your foam product or products to the next level with Polyformes, one of the UK's leading foam printing experts.

  • Get effective brand exposure

    With all your foam products, including flight cases, exhibition stands, foam packaging, mouse mats and leisure items etc. printed in a range of high-impact colours, with your logo and/or other brand graphics, you’re guaranteeing brand exposure each time your foam products are used.

  • Provide an unforgettable reveal

    With foam packaging printed using Polyformes Patented 4 Colour Foam Printing Technique, you lift the packaged product to new heights, whether it’s your familiar logo or some impressive graphics relating to the product, you’ll be creating a reveal your customers won’t forget.

  • Give customers clear instructions

    Don’t leave customers and clients perplexed, get your foam packaging, foam leisure items, foam marketing materials or foam components printed with professionally designed and quick-to-understand instructions, that look great and perfectly demonstrate your brand's attention to detail.

Why choose Polyformes for your Foam Printing?

Whether it is custom flight case printing, printing across your custom foam packaging, foam trays or inserts, foam leisure items, foam gaskets, beauty products, or foam medical devices, at Polyformes you’ll be benefitting from:

  • More than 40 years of experience - For more than four decades, we’ve been working with businesses across a huge variety of sectors, including packaging, medical, military, aerospace, marine and flotation and leisure, printing logos, lettering, and detailed graphics in a whole range of colours, on all types of foam products.

  • Our Patented 4 Colour Foam Printing Process - Our 4 Colour Foam Printing Process is a foam printing technique using four key colours, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYB), which when combined in specific concentrations, allow us to bring your foam product to life with thousands of different and vivid colours.

  • Inhouse graphic designers - Each of our team of highly-skilled inhouse graphic designers, has an in-depth understanding of the foam printing process, and know how to ensure your designs provide maximum impact, whether just a simple logo, component labelling, customer instructions, or vital company information.

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