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Farnborough Airshow | 22 - 26 July
        Hall 1, Stand 1060

We will be at the Farnborough International Airshow  |  Monday, 22nd July - Friday, 26th July 2024   |   Hall 1, Stand 1060

Moulding and Forming

Foam moulding and forming, automoulding & vacuum forming.

Thermoforming & compression moulding foam is an art with regard to both the tool making and the actual forming depending on what the final requirement is. Intricate and well-defined moulded foam parts, especially for the Aerospace and Defence industries where accuracy is vital, are usually developed on site here at Polyformes. We work closely with our clients in order to provide a foam solution to their brief and final product criteria.

Investment in automoulding machine development enables us to mould high volume 3D foam shapes of all densities from the 15kg/m3 low density polyethylenes up to the 115kg/m3 high density expanded polyethylene foams.

This has been enabled by forming on multiple gang tools which mould and cut simultaneously on a revolving production process.

It is possible to mould shapes with fabric on in many instances. Some of the medical products we produce have a fabric to provide comfort and support to patients. Other military and security products have a tough fabric one side and a softer fabric the other whereby the outer surface is used to attach components or is utilized in tough and demanding outdoor areas.

Polyformes are specialists in thermoforming closed cell foam offering a superb foam moulding service. Please contact us should you have any foam forming enquiries.

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Moulding and Forming

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