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Other Processes


This is an important process when making product to fit into the cases we offer. Whether it is an Explorer case, Ergo Case or most other types, they typically have sloping sections in the lid and/or bases.

Getting a perfectly fitting part requires the right machinery to do this consistently every time.

Contouring and Profiling

We employ various machines to achieve the same result consistently.

Butt Welding

A technique we use to increase the blank size of material to process. Common process when wanting to improve the yield for cut out parts or requiring a larger finished length piece. The maximum size we can create is 2m x 2m.


We often use this to join pieces of PE together to increase the material to the required height.

Profile Cutting

We use a machine originally designed to work with Polyurethane Foam that can cut profile along a 2m length.

Clients products include:

  • Long tubes made of foam.
  • Packaging Fillers
  • Headbands
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