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Bespoke Bags

We make bespoke bags and pouches in house to your specification and needs. We commonly make for the military and for those clients who are looking for a light weight hold all. Made to order, we also create bespoke foam inserts that fit inside the bags and give protection to its contents. You can choose from a range of materials and compliment it with the colour of the foam.

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Bespoke Bags

Why foam is perfect for bespoke bags

Whatever industry you work in, hobby you have, or sport you play, a bespoke bag is often needed to transport equipment; either when visiting clients, on sales pitches, or to games and important meets, connected with your sport or hobby.

To ensure your (sometimes expensive) equipment is protected each time you move it from one place to the next, at Polyformes we design and manufacture bespoke bags, cases, and pouches, using foam as a key component, due to a variety of features, including:

  • Vibration control: Foam, such as cross-linked polyethylene foam, Ethafoam has outstanding antivibration properties, meaning that when used as an insert material for a bag or carry case, it has an incredible ability to absorb constant impact by creating a cushioning effect, even when transporting fragile items.

  • Temperature control: Certain equipment, such as electronic equipment, or products including pharmaceutical products or foodstuffs, require the temperature to remain constant at all times, specifically during transportation.

    A closed-cell, cross-linked polyamide foam, such as ZOTEK®N is used to protect products in high-temperature environments, sometimes up to 200°C, making it an ideal foam insert material for a variety of bespoke bags, such as automotive bags, where extremes of heat could have serious detrimental effects on the item/s being stored.

  • Moisture control: Another vital requirement for a bespoke bag, case or pouch used to carry valuable equipment, is the control of moisture, to prevent rusting or internal damage to components, tools or foodstuffs etc.

    Closed-cell polyethylene foam Plastazote, is one of many foams available with outstanding moisture control properties, especially when used as an insert material for toolboxes, flight cases, or bags to carry pharmaceutical equipment.

  • Forming abilities: Your bespoke bag, case or pouch needs to be designed and manufactured to store or transport your specific equipment safely, however intricate the shape or fragile its components.

    Unlike other materials used to make inserts in bespoke bags and cases, foam can be cut and formed into any shape required, and to close tolerances, ensuring whatever you keep in the bag or case, is snugly held in place at all times.

    Forming techniques for creating the perfect bespoke bag inserts include:

    • CNC Routing and Machining: CNC (Computed Numerical Control) is a way to accurately cut and shape foam into various intricate shapes for inserts in bespoke bags and bespoke cases etc., multiple times at close tolerances.

    • Waterjet Cutting: Waterjet cutting is another precise forming method, but unlike routing or machining, has the advantage of being able to cut deep slits or slots into foam, to exact measurements.

    • Moulding and Forming: Thermoforming or Compression Moulding allows us to manufacture a variety of 3-dimensional bespoke bag and packaging solutions, multiple times, for industries such as aviation, the aerospace sector, the pharmaceutical industry etc.

    • Die-Cutting: Die-cutting is the process where foam components are pressed through various precision dies, a process used widely in the production of case inserts due to its accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

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