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Rugged Heavy Duty Military Grade Cases

If you have exacting standards for your cases and have a need for something that meets the toughest of requirements, you cannot go too far wrong with our choices of offer. We are the UKs leading stockists of Explorer cases. These are a very good alternative to the US Pelicases. As the Explorer Cases are European manufactured they are usually a lower cost than the US manufactured cases. We offer the US SKB cases to compliment the Explorer cases as these are usually larger sizes. Excellent quality inside and out, with the custom-made foam parts that gives you peace of mind.

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Heavy Duty Cases

Explorer Cases - Explore The Indestructible

Whether it’s to protect photographic or video equipment for that long trek, or for transporting critical, and valuable medical equipment, our rugged, heavy-duty cases provide the high-level protection your items need. Drop it, bang it, submerge it in water, take it up a mountain or across a scorching desert, your heavy-duty, military-grade rugged case from Polyformes is designed to be indestructible, even in the harshest, real-life conditions.

  • A Waterproof Solution

    Our rugged cases, such as our Explorer Cases or US SKB cases, are meant for use in some of the most unforgiving environments, which will often include coming into contact with water. That’s why, all our rugged cases are manufactured with corrosion-proof metal attachments, have foam insert options and have been tested for water resistance under controlled, laboratory conditions.

  • Protection From Dust

    Dust can be calamitous for certain technical equipment, especially photographic equipment, video equipment, or medical devices, and in extreme circumstances, such as a desert landscape, the likelihood of dust contact is magnified.

    To help protect your valuable equipment in whatever situation you find yourself in, your new rugged case from Polyformes will provide complete protection with its dust-free, sealed environment.

  • High Impact Resistance

    The foam used to manufacture the inserts of our heavy-duty cases, has been specifically chosen for its exceptional ability to absorb impact, therefore protecting even the most fragile equipment from damage. The impact-resistance/cushioning of the foam also helps prevent damage that could be caused by continuous and excessive vibration, particularly during transportation, whether by road, air, or sea.

Customise Your Rugged Case

To ensure your rugged case suits your needs, at Polyformes we provide a complete custom design service, where we’ll design and form the foam interior of your rugged case to your exact specifications. Whether you’re looking to store items upright or horizontally, in a particular order, across several layers, or you need some printed instructions or logos etc., get in touch, and one of our foam converting experts will guide you through the process.

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