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Protective, Promotional & Sales Plastic Cases

If you want cases that are ideal for promotional packaging, product presentation and sample cases, you could not go too far wrong with our wide range of stocked Ergoline case. They are strong and durable but very lightweight, and a very economical way of adding value to your products. For product protection we machine bespoke foam inserts for the case interiors. The foam is available in a variety of colours, which may complement your corporate colours - ideal for both appearance and for keeping your products secure and well presented. To enhance your image further, our plastic cases can be screen-printed and labelled with your company’s logo, and the foam inserts can be laser etched with either part numbers, descriptions or symbols.

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Protective, Promotional & Sales Plastic Cases

Plastic Cases Designed For Any Industry

No matter which industry you’re in, from engineering to aerospace, electronics to marine and floatation, our high-quality protective, promotional, and sales cases, are custom designed and manufactured to suit your needs. Protect your tools and products from impact, vibration, moisture, and more during transportation, benefit from better-organised components, and create the opening experience you need to showcase your products and brand.

Making Transportation Safer

Protective plastic cases with foam inserts from Polyformes are used across a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and the electronics industry, due to their stunning ability to protect whilst in transit. Our cases are expertly engineered with foam inserts to help protect your items whether travelling through scorching deserts, freezing conditions, rough terrains, or air pressure changes.

…even when transporting delicate, or uniquely designed items

Our foam converting specialists at Polyformes are fully-qualified, and highly experienced in designing and manufacturing intricate foam inserts for all your delicate items, in ways that will ensure optimal protection. Our engineers will help to select the right type of foam best suited to the protection you require, whether that’s to protect against moisture, extreme heat or cold exposure, or electrostatic damage.

A Better Branding Experience

Often the protective cases you use to transport your tools, components, or products, are all part of your brand awareness strategy. It is an effective way to let clients know who’s on the job and to help instil confidence.

By getting us to design your protective, promotional and/or sales cases, you’ll be able to choose the colours, both inside and out, and get your logos and other brand-specific graphics printed using our patented 4 Colour Printing Technique.

Get Better Organised

With our patented 4 Colour Printing Technique, our foam converters can add labels, barcodes and more, to your foam inserts, allowing your technicians better organisation, and a more effective and productive way of working. Plus, when it comes to displaying your products at trade shows etc., with clearly printed foam inserts, potential clients can instantly identify what’s inside your protective case, as well as have the valuable chance to scan a QR code.

Quality To Rely On

Whether you’re using your protective plastic case for protection, promotional purposes, or sales purposes, you need it to last, and to keep providing that essential protection and visual impact, no matter what it goes through. With Polyformes protective, promotional and sales plastic cases, you’ll know you have a top-quality product backed up by more than 40 years of experience, precision engineering, a truly personal service, and meticulous attention to detail.

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