Custom Flight Cases

Are you using the some product, equipment or materials occasionally, in which case, are storage and stacking facilities necessary? Or do you travel the world regularly and need airport retractable handles and small semi-enclosed wheels rather than castors? Where will the case be used and are there any environmental or climatic considerations that need to be allowed for?

You might be working in a sector like the medical product manufacturers, hospitals, water and utility companies, the environment, the electronics market, the MoD, industrial firms, and, of course, the lighting, music and broadcast industries. You can get individuality. Made to your size and to your specific requirements. We can walk you through it. To make them more unique to you why not have them printed with images, logos, instructions or just plain text? We can print on all case faces in gloss or matt finish -­ anything you like, any colour, and in very large scale should you require large flight cases. Strength and quality is not compromised in any way and the printed surfaces are tough and long lasting.

Of course we can have a full flight case foam solution to fully support and protect your equipment.

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Custom Designed Flight Cases

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