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Custom Flight Cases

Are you using some product, equipment or materials occasionally? Would safely storing and stacking these be a good option? Do you travel the world regularly? Would your cases require airport retractable handles and small semi-enclosed wheels rather than castors? Would your case be suitable for the environmental or climatic exposure it is likely to get? Have you considered this?

You may be working in a sector like:

  • Medical product manufacturers
  • Hospitals
  • Water and Utility
  • The Environment
  • Electronics
  • MoD
  • Engineering
  • Lighting
  • Music
  • TV and Film

You can have what you want!

You can have individuality. Made to your size and to your specific requirements. Why not printing on the case, coloured foams, multi coloured layers and printing on the foam.

We can walk you through it and ensure you get exactly what you want. A free expert consultation service! You want to fully protect your equipment and we want to help you do it.

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Custom Designed Flight Cases

Flight Case Inserts - Individualised Protection With Foam

Whether you’re a touring musician, part of a film production crew, or a tradesperson carrying fragile equipment, a custom flight case, or a series of flight cases, is the ideal solution to keeping your unique equipment safe from damage.

At Polyformes we have all the skills and resources needed to create a high-quality custom flight case to the exact specifications you require, including cutting and forming closed-cell, polyethylene foam inserts to protect each of your items from damage caused by:

  • Impact

    Our custom flight cases are designed to be transported regularly, and naturally, there will be times when they’re ‘chucked’ unceremoniously into vans, dropped onto hard concrete, or even kicked about.

    That’s why, we pay particular attention to adding the right type of impact-resistant foam to each custom flight case we make, ensuring each compartment is precision formed to fit snugly around every one of your items.

  • Vibration

    Another issue caused by regular transportation, whether by aeroplane, train, truck or van, is constant vibration, and the sometimes serious damage it can cause to certain delicate or vibration-sensitive items.

    To counter the vibration issue, we use high-quality polyethylene foam, known for its vibration resistance, and its ability to keep your parts or equipment stabilised throughout those long, bumpy journeys to the next gig or next job.

  • Moisture

    As any tradesperson or technician will know – moisture can be the death knell for certain types of equipment, especially sound and audio devices, TV and video equipment, or lighting.

    With a custom-designed flight case from Polyformes however, you’ll have the reassurance of inserts manufactured from the same foam used in the marine and floatation industry, where moisture resistance is essential.

  • Chemicals

    If you’re a tradesperson, chances are your tools and equipment may be at risk of chemical contamination from time to time, especially during transportation, or when being used on-site.

    To help significantly reduce the risk of chemical contact whilst stored, your custom flight case from Polyformes will be constructed with highly-protective foam inserts, able to repel oils, acids, and alkalis, without excessive deterioration.

  • Electro-Static Discharge

    If you work in the audio, TV, or electronics sector, you’ll know the damage electro-static discharge (the sudden build-up of static electricity) can do to components sensitive to the phenomenon.

    Your new custom flight case, aka ‘road case’ from Polyformes however, can be manufactured to include specialist conductive and protective polyethylene foam, able to provide exceptional ESD (electro-static-discharge) protection.

  • Temperature Extremes

    If you work in the environmental sector, or the MoD, or even film production, where locations vary wildly, you’ll be very aware of the effects that extremes of hot or cold can have on certain types of equipment.

    However, with a quality custom flight case from us, you’ll have the option of using various foam types, such as ARPLANK or Ethafoam, both of which are excellent insulators against extreme temperatures.

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