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Plastic Enclosures

If you want something to store some small parts in, then our clear plastic component boxes could be the solution. Made from polypropylene, our small plastic boxes with lids are available in two different ranges in a total of 64 sizes They are ideal for both industrial and commercial applications. Our clients include those within the aircraft component supply chain as well as the automotive and medical parts sectors.

Being clear plastic boxes, users are able to see exactly what is within, ensuring the correct parts are used as required, or despatched correctly to their destination. Outside of industry, small plastic cases are ideal for consumer products including small toys, jewellery and promotional items. The highly durable hinged lids means they cannot be mislaid, unlike loose lids, and add to the attractive appearance of these small component cases. Transparent plastic cases are usually available from stock. Coloured boxes are available in custom colours - minimum quantities depend upon the size required. The boxes can be easily labelled or printed. Clear plastic cases with hangers are available for larger quantities, and on the largest of these, holding devices can be inserted.

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Plastic Enclosures

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