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Custom UAV Drone Cases

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Drone image of spy station

Drone Cases|UAV Foam Protection

Polyformes leads the field in the supply and manufacture of UAV cases for small and medium to large drones. With a choice of transit housing, we can offer rugged waterproof cases in 26 standard sizes, made to measure flight cases of ANY size, and bespoke backpacks and carry bags.

Explorer Case with drone Carry bag to house UAV  UAV Case

When it comes to transporting a piece of equipment as delicate and expensive as a drone you need something that offers the highest level of protection and ensures safe transit and arrival. Whether you are a manufacturer or a user, you need to be sure that your UAV will be in good working order throughout its life. Our transit cases for drones will ensure this.

For the small and medium drones, off the shelf Explorer Cases from our warehouse can be utilised and foamed out to suit whichever model(s) you produce, stock or supply. As the foam inserts are custom made, they can be produced to house as many items as the case size will allow.

Explorer cases to house drones and UAVs  Peli drone case  Explorer Drone Case Range 26 sizesNot only can the foam itself be printed with component numbers, instructions or photo images, but so too can the bespoke flight cases. Strength and durability are not compromised in any way with printed case faces, the laminate is tough and highly scratch resistant.  Flight cases are ideal for the larger UAVs as these can be made to any size you like.

                very large flight case

The largest case we have constructed so far has also been for aircraft ­ helicopter rotor blades. You can see the size measured against the man lying on top.

UAV printed flight case with landing pad  drone accessories case  large aerospace flight case

As well as the printed flight cases, we obviously offer the full range of flight case hardware and general panel finishes to suit your own particular requirements, including, wheels, retractable handles, stacking corners, astraboard, ply, hexboard etc. So whatever your UAV transit and housing requirement, we feel sure we will be able to assist you.

   flight cases handles catches and finishes flight case panels and lidmaker flight case range


Client Testimonial for UAV Drone Cases

Hi Josh,

Just wanted to thank you and Polyformes again for making such a good job of the drone cases for me and getting them done in time. I am really grateful.

With regard to the one we took to Svalbard, there is no way the machine would have survived the harsh conditions without the casing. Aside from being on buses, trains and in taxis, it has been in the hold on four commercial flights, and even more remarkably it has survived the Arctic conditions unscathed.

It has travelled more than 400kms with us through some of the toughest conditions in the world. For all of that time it has been on a trailer with limited suspension on the back of a snowmobile, it has been on its side, and at times even upside down, and bashed around like anything ­ and survived the whole lot.

Some days the temperature dropped to around minus 20 Celsius -  it has certainly done its job superbly and I am sure without it we would have had a lot of problems.

Even though we did not manage to reach our intended destination on this occasion because of poor ice conditions, the arctic is a fascinating and beautiful place and I am confident we managed to capture some of this in the videos we took.

So thank you again for doing such a great job, and will be in touch soon.

Best Regards,


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