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ESD Cases, ESD Containers & ESD Foams

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ESD Cases & Containers with ESD foam inserts

ESD containers made of conductive plastics are especially designed for transporting sensitive electronic devices. They reliably prevent electrostatic charge and divert already existing charges. Special volume resistivity/surface resistivity: 106 < 1010 Ohm cm.

We have 17 standard eurocontainer sizes which are stacking containers with lids, and 4 small carry case sizes.

Black Conductive component case ESD consumer box PF-CCB3anti static Ethafoam in esd wrapconductive esd eurocontainers

Polyformes converts and supplies the following conductive foams:

Reference & Material
LD32CN Plastazote        LD50CN Plastazote
EV45CN Evazote             EV70CN Evazote

The Plastazote LD conductive foams have been formulated to have good IC pin insertion and retention characteristics for safe transport of IC devices and offer slightly lower resistivity compared to the Evazote grades. They also have good energy absorption for cushion packaging. The Evazote conductive foams are intended for general conductive packaging and for conductive mats in electronic assembly and clean room areas.

Polyformes converts and supplies the following static dissipative foams:

Reference & Material
LD30SD Plastazote          LD40SD Plastazote

The LD30SD Plastazote foam has good cushioning properties and can be used for packaging of materials where only limited conductivity is required.

The LD40SD Plastazote foam has been developed to meet the higher density specifications required by the Ministry of Defence for static dissipative packaging material. Like the conductive Plastazote grades, it has good pin insertion and retention characteristics which enable safe transport of IC devices.

These sd foams also meet the requirements for static dissipative flooring, work surfaces and other items given in standards by the ESD Association.

Polyformes converts and supplies the following anti static foams:

Reference & Material
EF220AS Ethafoam           STCELAS Stratocell

The Ethafoam EF220 anti static foam is a strong, resilient, medium density 35kg/m3 density closed-cell foam. It is ideally suited as a material for cushioning products in packaging applications. Where products require anti-static properties whether for shock absorbing, vibration dampening and for many computer and electronics applications, Ethafoam EF220 AS has been formulated to safely protect during shipment and storage. Standard sheet sizes are 2750x1000mm.

The Stratocell anti static foam is similar to the Ethafoam with a slightly lower nominal density of 30kg/m3 and a deeper shade of anti static pink in colour. The standard sheet size is 2000x1200mm

ESD Foams General Information & Conductive Foams Technical Information

Design of packaging for devices that are sensitive to electrostatic discharges (ESD sensitive) requires consideration of the physical requirements of the packaging material as well as its electrical properties. An overview of the general classifications used for materials with regards to ESD protection and the standards that are most commonly used to characterise the materials is shown below.

Currently two different types of material are available in the Azote product range which have electrical properties that are suited for packaging of ESD sensitive devices. These are the conductive foam materials (CN grades) and the static dissipative foam grades (SD grades). 

conductive foamconductive Evazote foam  ProTec Conductive Case  RC-PTC 222S

Classification of material:

Materials for packaging of ESD sensitive devices can be divided into three classes based on their electrical properties. The classification of materials shown below is based on the definitions in ANSI/ESD S541-2003. 

Classification of material

The Ethafoam and Stratocell anti static foams have also been developed and these materials in this class have reduced amounts of charge accumulation compared to standard packaging materials. These foams are designed to reduce the charge accumulation from triboelectrification i.e. the charge produced from contact and separation of materials.

An overview of the properties and applications for the conductive foam (CN) grades - Like all Azote foam materials the CN grades are expanded using a unique nitrogen expansion process. This ensures that they are free of halocarbon or hydrocarbon blowing agents. They also share the typical characteristics of the Azote standard foams such as closed cell structure, isotropic physical properties, good performance as cushioning material, good chemical resistance.

Conductive foam materials from the Azote product ranges are formulated with a special carbon black to provide conductive properties. The carbon black is introduced by precompounding (not post impregnation as with some types of conductive foam), and is fully encapsulated in the polymer. Hence the foams are non-sloughing (will not shed particles) and virtually non marking.

Compliance with Standards: The definitions of conductive foams vary slightly between the different standards. Below is a summary of the Standards that are concerned with ESD protection in packaging and the definition given for conductive materials in these standards. Where a specific grade is given in brackets other requirements of the relevant standard restrict the suitability to this grade, otherwise all conductive Azote materials fulfil the requirements for volume resistivity when tested to ASTM D 991-89 (re-approved 2005):

General Standards:ANSI/ESD S541-2003 Material with a surface resistance less than 10^4 Ω or volume resistance less than 10^4 Ω
ANSI/ESD STM 11.12 Material with a volume resistance less than 10^4 Ω
ASTM D991-89 (2005) Material with a volume resistivity less than 10^4 Ω.cm
JESD625-A Material with a surface resistivity less than 10^5 Ω/sq or volume resistivity less than 10^4 Ω.cm

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