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Farnborough Airshow | 18 - 22 July
        Hall 1, Stand #1553

We will be at the Farnborough International Airshow  |  Monday, 18th July - Friday, 22nd July 2022   |   Hall 1, Stand No. 1553

Sports and Leisure

Body protection, hockey, motocross, kayaking, karate, rugby, camping mats, Archery foams, pool & swim floats, exercise and play belts, saddlery, scuba

Polyformes PE foams are used in the sports and leisure sectors extensively. They suit a whole host of applications owing to their impact absorbing properties, light weight and durability. They have a pure and consistent make-up, thermal insulation capability and excellent resilience. Plastazote foams can be laminated together in a range of hardnesses to give a composite product - hard on the outside and soft on the inside, ideal for hockey goalkeepers chest protectors and knee and elbow pads. Mountaineers use dual combination Evazote/Plastazote sleeping mats for warmth and comfort. Kayak manufacturers use our closed cell waterproof foams for outfitting as well as padded backrests and seat cushions.

In the swimming pool, closed cell Plastazote foams give superb buoyancy which is why so many pool products are made from this unique non-toxic foam. It is safe in direct skin contact as there are no chemical residues within the material, it being expanded with nitrogen gas.

Saddlers utilise Plastazote within the saddles as part of the back and knee supports and Evazote for non-slip race pads.

Archery clubs use both Ethafoam cubes and stepped rounds as target inners, replacing only the centres rather than the whole target. 'Skins' are used in bundles or strapped in layers as a really effective target material for stopping arrows. Boxing clubs use the foams shaped as kick or punch blocks as well as floor mats.

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Sports and Leisure

Exercise & Health - yoga and gym mats, aquajoggers

Gym mats for general exercising and aerobics, yoga mats and poolside leisure mats are a large part of Polyformes business. In a choice of Plastazote or Evazote, with a variety of foam colours available at whatever size suits - mini, small, medium, large, super and can be branded to promote your business. We manufacture folding mats, hanging mats, sit-mats that almost fit into your back pocket which can also be branded.

It is well known to physicians and physiotherapists that water therapies are massively helpful in a multitude of cases. Aquaproducts (AquaJoggers, AquaDumbells and AquaRunners) produced by Polyformes have proved useful in treating the following medical conditions amongst others ­lower back injuries, spinal cord injuries, fibromyalgia, pelvic injuries, arthritis and osteoporosis. Advantages derived from aquatherapy are immediate in that when a person enters the water, there is an instant reduction in the effects of gravity on the body ­chest deep the weight bearing load is approximately only 40% of the total bodyweight. When floating supine or vertical, the effects of gravity are eliminated for all practical purposes.

We also manufacture all forms of bespoke flotation aids, stretchers and support floats.

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