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Zote Foams

Their headquarters and main manufacturing site is in the UK. They ship all across the globe which is a testament to the high regard their foam materials are held. Offering an extensive range of materials to the various market places their product is used, it is amazingly versatile and stable due to their unique method of manufacture. Plastazote, Evazote, Supazote and Zotek foams are available in a large range of colours and densities.

Their foams are cross linked closed cell polyethylene products manufactured from a wide range of polymer combinations to give increased rigidity, higher temperature resistance and improved mouldability. Application areas include packaging, display, protective, automotive, aerospace, health care and construction. The inert qualities of the foam have led to its widespread worldwide use in healthcare applications.

They offer flame retardant material that meets a whole raft of standards and is widely used in the automotive, aerospace and construction industries.

The static-dissipative and conductive grades are used in a variety of applications including the storage protection and transport of electronic components and devices and EMC shielding.

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Zote Foams

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