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Zotek F / Aviation & Aerospace Foams

About Zotek F Aircraft Foams

Zotek F closed cell foams are very high performance materials and are becoming ever more widely used in the aerospace industry, both in new aircraft with ever more stringent build and test requirements, as well as in re-fits and re-furbs and general maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). This applies to commercial, military and luxury aircraft. Zotek F materials are lightweight cross-linked foams with combined high FST properties and performance. The materials are ideal for a wide selection of applications in the aerospace and aviation industries.

Processing Zotek F Foam Materials : Applications

Polyformes Limited manufacture and develop Zotek F products readily utilising a variety of processes including thermoforming. Being a cross-linked material, the Zotek range, with its uniform cell structure and exceptional consistency across the material in terms of cell size and density, provides stability in finished products and components. Applications for Zotek F foams in the aviation industry include:

  • Thermal insulation in galleys - ovens and refrigerators, chiller ducts and water lines
  • Insulation for door seals and doors, pipes and ducting, interior linings and side panels, window reveals
  • Carpet underlay, damping materials, gap fillers, water diverters.
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Zotek F Properties

Low Weight - Moisture Resistant - UV Stable – Excellent FST Performance – Bio inert – High purity – Chemical resistant.

Many materials, including most other closed cell foams, that have acceptable FST properties are of a much higher density which prevents their use in many aircraft applications. ZOTEK F foams are available at densities down to 30kg/m3 (1.9 pcf), 1/60th of the solid resin. They really are lightweight and thus cost effective. Fuel savings over an aircraft’s lifetime can be immense.

Being closed cell, ZOTEK F foams are highly resistant to moisture ingress and do not need to be hermetically sealed before use, unlike many other foams with good FST characteristics which have open cell structures and must be used either with process skin intact or sealed within other materials to prevent moisture ingress.

All ZOTEK F foams are unaffected by UV light and, as such, can be used in exposed areas of the aircraft and cockpit without fear of degradation.

Fire, Smoke and Toxicity | Zotek F Test Results

All ZOTEK F foams are inherently fire retardant, low smoke, low heat release materials. They have been successfully subjected to testing using several aviation standards including the Radiant Heat Panel Test, both alone and in combination with adhesive. ZOTEK F 40 HT LS exhibits exceptionally low OSU, which in combination with leather, adhesive and decorative laminates helps with compliance to OSU 65/65.

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