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About Ethafoam

Ethafoam is a resilient and flexible closed-cell polyethylene foam with a durability that makes it ideal for protecting just about any object as it can handle repeated shocks and impacts.  In order to cushion and protect fragile items, Ethafoam is machined to the required shape and size to provide cushioning furniture for the level of protection needed during shipping or storage. Whatever the weight of the items to be transported or stored, from a kilo to a hundred kilos and more, Ethafoam materials are available in a variety of strengths and densities to allow for all situations.

Ethafoam end capsEF220 White Ethafoam profileethafoam support blocks

A low-density plastic foam made by expanding polyethylene approximately 30 times in volume, it has excellent chemical resistant and energy absorption under impact, low water absorption and water-vapour transmission, good insulation value, no odour, and is easily fabricated. Ethafoam is a true cushioning medium, able to sustain its resilience under repeated impact. Its high load bearing characteristics, means it can be reused several times thus making it a very economical material. Being non-crosslinked polyethylene, it can be recycled as can the scrap, waste and offcuts.

Ethafoam Densities & Grades

Ethafoam polyethylene foam is produced in a variety of densities ranging from 30 kg/m³ to 150 kg/m³
Ethafoam 220-E 35 kg/m³ Packaging | Flotation
Ethafoam 400-E 64 kg/m³ Packaging | Load Spreading
Ethafoam 700-E 102 kg/m³ Highload Bearing
Ethafoam 900-E 145 kg/m³ Highload Bearing

Ethafoam EF220 sheetsEthafoam EF220 anti static foamAerospace packaging

Medium density Ethafoam offers outstanding cushioning protection against repeated impacts on end caps, corner pads, product or load separators, and inserts housing valuable or delicate products.

Higher density polyethylene foam provides heavy duty protection, cushioning and strength for extreme load bearing applications.

Also available in Anti Static (EF220AS) and Flame Retardant (EF4101FR) grades at the 35kg/m3 density, the anti-static Ethafoam is ideal for maintaining consistent, long term protection for a variety of electronics and flammable objects. The FR grade is specially formulated and contains fire retardant additives designed to meet the aviation regulation FAR 25.853 (a) for commercial aircraft interior compartment components.

Ethafoam Standard Sheet Sizes

The EF220 grade is available 'off the shelf' at 2750x600mm and 2750x1200mm. This latter double size allows exceptional yield where larger packing parts are required. Always bear in mind, however, that at Polyformes, we have the capability to butt-weld materials to larger widths and sizes in any case - we will make whatever you need.

The standard sheet size for the higher density Ethafoam grades - EF400, EF700, EF900 - is 2750x600mm.

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