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Branded Foam Solutions

Getting your brand on everything you do can be a challenge, especially on material which is great for protecting your product but not ideal for printing on. We offer several techniques and enable you to choose the best option.

Polyformes Ltd. is a leading provider of branded foam solutions, offering a variety of techniques to help customers showcase their brand on even the most challenging materials. Whether you need your logo, slogan, or other branding elements to appear on foam packaging, furniture, or other products, Polyformes has the expertise and technology to deliver exceptional results.

We specialise in engineered foam parts, offering a range of solutions from simple shapes to complex thermoformed mouldings, Clarkson book supports, and other branded foam solutions. Additionally, we provide custom foam packaging, bespoke foam trays and inserts, engineered foam gaskets and seals, as well as cases, bags, and boxes. With a focus on quality, Polyformes has extensive experience in delivering high-quality promotional foam products to enhance your brand whilst protecting your product.

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Branded Foam Solutions

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