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Farnborough Airshow | 18 - 22 July
        Hall 1, Stand #1553

We will be at the Farnborough International Airshow  |  Monday, 18th July - Friday, 22nd July 2022   |   Hall 1, Stand No. 1553


A crosslinked polyolefin foam produced in a continuous process. It is exceptionally soft, its cell structure is homogeneous, fine, and partially open-celled, its foam skin is water repellent. Alveosoft boasts excellent air sealing at low compression, excellent thermal insulation properties, and high resistance to ageing.


  • Very soft foam
  • Partially open-cell structure
  • Excellent air sealing at low compression and lower initial thickness than PUR and PVC foams
  • Very good shape recovery, low compression set at room temperature
  • High ageing resistance
  • Water-repellent foam skin and relatively low water absorption
  • Excellent thermal insulation properties
  • Inert to numerous chemicals
  • Environmentally and chemically neutral
  • Odourless, low fogging, low emissions

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- Partially open-cell, physically crosslinked PO foams

- Thickness: 2,5–12 mm

- Width: up to 2,00 m

- Roll foams


  Product Safety: Crosslinked Foams

  Product Safety: FR Foams

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