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Security and Emergency Services

Security ­ counter terror, homeland defence, surveillance systems.

Many of our customers are in the Security business as suppliers or manufacturers. They know that we can provide the toughest cases and foam inserts to protect and house their products, from the smallest transmitter and receiver in a die-cut foam pad and plastic case, to a full hook and line kit in a lifetime replacement guaranteed waterproof Explorer Case.

We can package individual items from the factory ready for transit to the warehouse and provide final client-ready cases with bespoke foam inserts that are shaped specifically for the respective equipment. Whatever your security requirement, if it requires any PE foam component or transit case - plastic, copolymer or a carton, Polyformes can provide the solution.

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Security and Emergency Services

Emergency Services ­- police, fire service, ambulance and rescue services.

The emergency services use a lot of foam and case products as the most suitable of products available for the required purpose ­ waterproof cases for defibrillation units and oxygen kits, paramedic sets, foam inserts and foam padding within canvas bags and pouches, rapid response public safety gun cases with colour control foams to ensure nothing is missing after operations.

Training mats made from energy absorbing, lightweight Plastazote foam which is waterproof and washable a well as warm to the touch are used by the police and fire services. We supply shell body protection foam padding - knee pads, shin pads, elbow protection and shield units.

With Search & Rescue units, we produce Jasons Cradle foams, buoyancy vests and horseshoe lifebuoys. Whatever your foam requirement, Polyformes can assist.

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