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Instrumentation, Scientific, Laboratory

Instrumentation, detection, monitoring, analytical and environmental packaging

Instrumentation is one of the biggest market sectors to use foam inserts and cases. As so many products are supplied in kit form or with accessories, as well as for major in the field use, it is not surprising for this to be the case. Because we are able to offer transit and field cases in so many different sizes, we are able to cover all and any products that require transit or housing. Some clients utilise the waterproof and shockproof Explorer Cases and others use the smaller plastic presentation cases. It's horses for courses but there really is a case for every product and every situation. For shipping from the factory or exporting, we machine foam inserts or supply end caps in cartons. Again, the beauty is that any size can be made with full inner protection.

A Polyformes Carry Case gives an edge to instrumentation and detection products that are housed in it ­ they are easy to utilise with the complete kit in one lightweight case, they are available in a multitude of sizes, from matchbox dimensions to luggage size and with a cushioning foam insert holding everything in place, they look superb and bring added value.

For gas detection equipment, monitoring instruments, sensors, meters, data loggers, gauges - all instrumentation and equipment is enhanced in one of our Polyformes Ergoline cases.

For heavier or larger kits and systems, or where the working environment is more extreme, our rugged waterproof Explorer Cases are lifetime guaranteed which means your products have absolute protection.

With over 100 cases available to choose from, you can protect, enhance and promote your test, analytical and environmental products.

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Instrumentation, Scientific, Laboratory

Scientific & Laboratory Packaging & Support Foams

As with Instrumentation, many kits and products are shipped and supplied in cases or cartons. But, within the laboratory sector, we also manufacture shaped foam pads for a variety of lab uses ­ for holding tubes and samples, support blocks and cradles to hold parts in situ, drawer liners or pocketed tray inserts.

With the Plastazote foams being inert, chemical resistant and waterproof, they are ideal in laboratory conditions. Foam can be cleaned and re-used. It is lightweight, economical and available in a variety of hardnesses from a tender 15kg/m3 upwards.

Whether you wish to hold, protect, ship or sell flasks, comparator test kits, weigh dishes, glassware or graduated cylinders, we can design, supply and manufacture packaging for them.

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