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Industrial and Engineering

Industrial, Engineering, Manufacturing, Materials Handling

Closed-cell expanded polyolefin foams are used in so many ways in the world of engineering, manufacturing and industry. Foam inserts to house a variety of products that needs to be shipped, packaged and presented are required in most sectors. Shaped and formed foam products are used in many areas because the foams are available in such a range of densities and hardnesses that they can be machined and processed into a massive range of items such as seat pads, battery boxes, protective pads and cradles, filling blocks, gaskets, seals etc.

The foams are durable and tough with soft touch and Class A level materials available. Fuel and chemical resistant, they are used in lineside assembly and materials handling applications in factories and production plants worldwide.

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Industrial and Engineering

Oil & Gas, Utilities and Energy

These industries utilise a lot of robust waterproof Explorer Cases to house all types of offshore, subsea and utilities equipment. The cases need to be tough because the industries are so the choice of Explorers is a wise one. They are lifetime guaranteed cases that will absorb all of the hard knocks. We can shape foam of varying densities and grades into whatever form is required whether for engine pipe protection, mini wastewater floats, pump valve protection and padding, underground oil and gas pipeline protection etc. The foams are oil and fuel resistant, waterproof and cushion products and parts in the harshest of conditions.

Large Plastazote composite packs are used in the nuclear industry and this material has been chosen because of its inherent uniform cell structure and stability as a long term housing and cushioning medium. Ethafoam coarser cell planks of 2.2lb, 4lb, 7lb and 9lb density foam are readily available for those heavy support and blanking block requirements. At a standard size of 2750x600x50mm thick, these are usually in stock on the shelf. We can split these down thinner or laminate them up to greater thicknesses should you so require. Likewise, we can machine and convert them into any shape you require. The EF220 2.2lb density plank is also available in a wider version ­ 2750x1200mm.

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