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Cosmetics, Beauty and Fashion

Cosmetics and beauty products, presentation inserts

Plastazote polyethylene foam is an ideal material for use in the beauty world as it is an inert material that does not have any harmful chemicals in it that can leach out in any way. It is expanded using pure nitrogen gas and not chemically blown like some other materials. Not only does this make it the safest pe foam in the world for direct skin contact (it is used extensively in hospitals and the medical sector), but also soft and smooth to touch. We supply sheet materials and make, amongst other foam products, toe dividers, salon slippers and nail file soft foam centres, for worldwide distribution.

Plastazote foam is also used extensively in beauty and cosmetic gift packs to house and enhance products. It is made in red, blue, green, yellow, violet, pink, orange, black, white, silver and grey colours - something for everyone! Whether for a product launch, promotional luxury packaging, jewellery pads ­ Plastazote foams are ideal.

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Cosmetics, Beauty and Fashion

Nekeze hairdressing salon neck rest foams. Foams in fashion.

After an uncomfortable visit to an hairdressing salon and discovering that friends and colleagues had experienced the same problematic neck issues and resultant headaches, Maria Smyth of Parma Gray decided to do something about it. She devised and developed the Nekeze salon sink cushion. This unique shape fits every sink snugly. It is hygienic, durable and 100% waterproof.

For fashion with a difference, take a look at the fabulous creations made from Plastazote and painted or printed. The right hand copyright image is the work of fashion designer Anna Katharina Tretter(kathypacific21@gmail.com), photographed by Julia Merkel(mail@juliamerkel.com), modelled by Skadi.

This work was produced by Claire Strickland, milliner extraordinaire, again using the LD45 Plastazote. Claire considers the Plastazote foam to be "brilliant - light but also able to hold a structural shape".

You can catch up with Claire's work via her blog, all details on her comprehensive website.

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