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Audio-Visual and Broadcasting

Audio-Visual Packaging, Transit Cases, Microphone Inserts, Camera Cases

Polyformes supplies many broadcast companies with transit cases complete with protective foam inserts in a variety of sizes and models specific to purpose, from shaped foam supports for satellite equipment that is used day in and day out to very small audio component cases.

When you are utilising equipment every day on site, the case needs to be robust on the outside with cushioning foam on the inside. Our rugged waterproof and shockproof Explorer cases are ideal for so many pieces of kit as they come in a range of 26 sizes. So tough that they have a lifetime replacement guarantee, not only do they protect but they also make it easy to use your equipment as the foam inserts can be made bespoke to product i.e. everything in its place and easy to access.

Sometimes as a manufacturer you will want to show off and add value to your products. Not only do the Explorer Cases do this but we also stock a range of plastic presentation cases for small cameras, filters & lenses, microphones - you name it, we have a plastic carry case or presentation case for all items.

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Audio-Visual and Broadcasting

Flight Cases, Lighting & Broadcast Hire Cases, Foam Inserts, Shipping Packs

Hire companies utilise many of our tough multi-trip lifetime guaranteed cases to protect AV equipment in a demanding market - lighting, cameras, projectors etc. You know your products are safe when hire companies have qualified the strength of our cases and protective foams as well as the support and service we offer.

As a manufacturer and possible exporter of AV equipment, you need to know that your goods reach their destination safely with minimal risk of damage and costly returns. There are many ways to protect equipment and foam end caps in double wall cartons offer a cost effective packaging solution for many items that need to be shipped from one end of the country to the other-or from one side of the world to the other!

Our bespoke flight cases have been made to house lasers, colour changers, lights, smoke machines, any and all audio visual, broadcast equipment, satellite and RF installation systems, remote heads and crane rigs. As we can make the flight cases to any size, you can rest assured that your equipment will be secure for shipping, transit and regular road use. Many an OB van or truck will have some of our cases inside and others foam lined drawers holding items in place safely.

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