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What is Foam Packaging Called?

Foam packaging has various names depending on the type of foam material its manufactured from. At Polyformes Ltd., we manufacture foam packaging from a range of different foam materials, including:

Plastazote – Plastazote is a polyethylene based foam with characteristics such as durability, flexibility, water resistance, and mouldability, making it a perfect choice for foam packaging, particularly for electrical components.

Stratocell – Stratocell is a polyethylene based foam ideally suited to packaging due to its lightweight (for transportation) and ability to be reused numerous times without any degradation.

ARPLANK – ARPLANK is one of the best foams for absorbing and dissipating energy, which makes it one of the best types of foam for the packaging of delicate objects, such as electronic components, food products and antiques and artworks. Another key benefit of ARPLANK is that it’s 100% recyclable, which can help businesses reduce environmental waste.