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What Is Conductive Foam?

Conductive foam is a type of foam that provides a high level of conductivity. It’s made by adding conductive carbon to the foam mixture, during the foam manufacturing process.

Why is conductive foam necessary?

Many businesses use conductive foam as a packaging material, to help protect products, particularly electronic products from the effects of ESD.

What is ESD?

ESD or Electrostatic Discharge is static electricity, caused when two surfaces rub against each other. You might have noticed the effects of ESD when you walked over a synthetic floor, worn a synthetic garment or rubbed a balloon against your head and stuck it to a wall.

The reason for the sudden discharge, during this rubbing together of synthetic materials, is that one surface becomes positively charged, and the other negatively charged, causing an imbalance, ultimately leading to a discharge.

What does ESD damage?

ESD has the potential to cause catastrophic damage, mostly to the circuitry in electrical products. Damage could include:

  • Metal melt
  • Junction breakdown
  • Oxide breakdown

How does conductive foam protect against ESD in packaging?

Conductive foam packaging works by redirecting current created by ESD, away from the product. The conductivity in conductive foam is also permanent and unaffected by atmospheric changes, therefore making it perfect for long-haul transportation.