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Is Closed-Cell Foam Durable?

Yes, closed-cell foam is extremely durable, even under extremes of pressure, or under constant impact. Better still, whilst being extremely durable, closed-cell foam is also flexible, making it an ideal material for a wide range of uses in all types of industries, including packaging, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, aviation, and the aerospace industry.

The reason for this simultaneous strength and flexibility comes down to the unique structure of closed-cell foam, where each individual cell is a sealed (closed) unit, containing air or gas (nitrogen), which when compressed is able to quickly spring back, and return to its original shape. This simple, yet highly efficient semi-rigid structure, lends itself to various uses, including

Packaging – Closed-cell foam packaging is one of the most protective forms of packaging, helping to control vibration and reduce damage due to impact during transportation.

Sportswear – The durability and flexibility of closed-cell foam makes it the perfect material for many sportswear items, including knee pads, shin pads and chest guards etc.

Gaskets – Gaskets are a typical example of an item that needs to be both durable and flexible, hence why closed-cell foam gaskets are used across industries such as the construction and automotive industry.