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Galleries & Fine Art

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Fine Art Packaging

Galleries and Fine Arts  Packing and Shipping

 Fine art comes in many forms - ­paintings, vases, sculptures - and all of these items need careful packaging and protection for shipping. Depending upon the actual item, the packing materials used can be a mix of softer polyethers and esters such as HLB22, F104, F133 often combined  with Plastazote  specialist cushioning protection foam. Some pieces can be shipped in well protected and specifically foamed out double or triple wall cartons, others will be shipped out in ply and batten crates with the required shaped foam cushions.

  protective case for individual painting  Chinese vase packaging  packing crate with foam partitioning

 Channeled Plastazote foam walls in crates allow for slotting paintings into when there is a quantity to ship and these fitments are designed to allow for different size artwork within one crate if needs be.  Individual crates or flight cases can be made to house specific artwork whether for shipping to a gallery or a private individual.

   artwork packing crate closed  artwork packing crate with cushioning foam  artwork packing crate showing plastazote inner foam  artwork packing crate with slotted walls for paintings shipment

Fine Art Packing Materials

The materials we use or supply are utilised because they give exceptional packaging quality for valuable products. External packing and internal packing materials are considered in context of specific requirements. Foams, timber and cartons are of the highest quality with regard to their protective performance and in terms of their safe use with expensive or priceless works of art. Timber will be ISPM15 compliant and the Plastazote foam is an inert, highly stable foam which is completely CFC, HCFC, HFC and VOC free. It is renowned for its purity and is used in museums packaging and display and as the world’s safest archival foam.

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