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Museums Service - conservation & archival materials for storage & transit.

Why is Plastazote used throughout the world as the professional's choice for conservation packaging, preservation and display? Because it is high purity polyethylene foam which is consistent, non-staining, acid and ammonia free, water and chemical resistant, has excellent cushioning and holding properties, is available in a choice of colours as well as white, pale grey and black, and also has an excellent aesthetic appeal.

Plastazote has been used to transport, package and store priceless artefacts - 600,000 year old mammoth bones, Egyptian relics of Rameses and other pharaohs, the Three Graces, parts of the Stein loan collection, rare wallpaper collections, Neolithic arrow and axe heads.

     fossil trayMuseum Butterfly Mount BoxPlastazote wallpaper museum storage

Polyformes have been supplying museums and galleries around the world for over 30 years with Plastazote for display mount boards, liners, inserts, packaging, sheets etc.

Polyformes supplies numerous museums with foam products for educational purposes, sometimes in the form of loans cases which can be made to size with bespoke foam inserts to house all sizes and shapes of items, often as finished products such as roman arch formers, channelled sheets and blocks to house slides and frames, and archaeological dustbin inserts. Entomology displays utilise the excellent pinning and re-pinning that Plastazote offers.

show and tell museums loan case postcard frames and storage   Plastazote Roman Arch

Christopher Clarkson, the well known archivist from the Bodleian Library in Oxford, teamed up with Polyformes over 20 years ago to design and develop the Clarkson Book Support System. This design for book supports, which vastly reduces damage to bound materials, now features prominently in reading rooms around the world. The system has been enthusiastically welcomed by librarians, curators and readers in museums, libraries and universities globally.

                         book support with book and weighted snakes

Galleries & Fine Art Shipping, Carnivals & Costumes, Theatres, Film, Puppetry

Many carnivals around the world have utilised Plastazote closed cell foam when making colourful and flamboyant costumes. You will see much Plastazote at our very own Notting Hill Carnival every year. 

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