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Lineside assembly tray kits, re-usable packaging, tote trays & dunnage, multi-trip storage systems, pallet boxes

Returnable and re-usable packaging solutions are ideal cost-effective ways of shipping components, semi-finished and completed product, inter-factory and inter-site. The custom produced foam inners offer protection for Class A surfaces and also protect against shock, vibration and impact. Full tray base stackable layers, or profiled holding sections allowing unit separation but maximum quantity per tray give optimum usability and economy.

Supplying automotive manufacturers in the UK and Europe, we machine line-side foam tray inserts to optimise productivity as well as assist with stock control. Pockets can be laser marked with component detail ensuring correct part placement.

   materials handling container with foam housing     laser marked foam tray component container   wing mirror foam tray protection

In closed loop systems foam dunnage in plastic trays is lightweight thus lower transport costs, durable thus re-usable, and will absorb impact and vibration thus less damage or breakages ­ if any.

Corrugated transit packs with or without pallet bases can be made to suit specific product, printed and shipped as required. With inner fitments to hold product in place and protect during transit, this is a very economical way of transporting either  bulky or awkward goods.

Automotive components, mechanic mats and tool kits.

There are many areas within the vehicle where foam components are used for damping and sealing applications. The Azote polyolefin foams (LD & HD Plastazotes) have a high resistance to most chemicals including greases, brake fluids and coolants. As they are closed cell foams, they have practically no water absorption. The Zotek N polyamide foams have outstanding high temperature resistance and excellent compatability with hydrocarbons such as oils and fuels making them ideal for a range of engine compartment applications.

      Rugged case with foam tool trays  spare wheel fitting   foam mats and kneelers

Polyformes produces mechanics comfort mats and kneelers to protect knees, elbows and backs and ensure productivity doesn't suffer. Dual colour oil & grease resistant foam inserts are machined to suit all major European engine timing tool kits in use across the world.

Track & signal tool inserts for rail installation, repair and maintenance ops

We supply directly and indirectly to the rail industry, a variety of waterproof Explorer Cases. These are used to house full track and signal tool kits. Our lifetime replacement guaranteed shockproof cases have been used by many rail contractors including Siemens, Bombardier and Alstom.

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