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News : MPAS Defence Packaging award for Polyformes

MPAS Defence Packaging award for Polyformes

Operations Manager, David Jones, has been awarded the new Ministry of Defence MPAS Packaging Designer Certificate.  Since July 2012, any company supplying military level packaging products to the MOD must ensure their packager complies with MPAS. This is the Military Packager Accreditation Scheme which will replace the existing Defence Pkg DR/14 requirements for packaging design to the defence industries.

 As long serving suppliers to the MOD and related defence industries, this award allows Polyformes Group to continue to offer experienced and authoritative packaging design, and to build upon its successful relationships with all departments of the MOD.

 The holder of the Certificate is authorised to certify and approve SPIS Designs for Military Level Packaging supplied to the MOD under Defence Standards 81-41, DEFCON 129 and JSP 886 Vol. 7 8.02.

 Packaging of military equipment necessitates high standards with regard to protection of product, secure and safe packaging within the environments it may be used and stored in, and in ensuring modes of transit are understood and taken into account. Defence equipment can be expensive and involved, electronic, mechanical or delicate ­ and the people who are going to use this equipment must know that they can depend on it when they receive it and that it will perform to order. Lives may depend on it.  Polyformes have the knowledge and experience to be able to design, manufacture and supply military level packaged products to these specifications and standards.

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